Leaf Impressions

Four separate 4" leaf impressions with crystalline glaze

Leaf Impressions

Four separate leaf impressions, each 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ on Cook Inlet glacier clay with crystalline glazes. Cone 6 oxidation. I pick the leaves from the local dog park in Anchorage where I walk our American bull dog. The leaves are set on a square matte board and a firm, but still pliable, slab of clay is laid on top. Both are run through my old fashion etching press. It’s amazing how much detail the clay retains of the leaf, even the veins show up.
$30 per 4″ tile.


About Ed Mighell

Former civil engineer turned artist. Received BFA in printmaking. I developed a nice tile clay body using the glacial clay from the inlet next to Anchorage. I sell at the Anchorage weekend market, Anchorage Museum, Alaska Native Heritage Center, and Alaska Native Arts Foundation. Also started going outside to large arts and crafts fares.
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