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More Buttons and Pendants

These buttons are made out of clay from the Anchorage mud flats (Cook Inlet glacial clay), the same clay that is used in my tiles, and the images are from the stamps that I have created to decorate the back … Continue reading

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Portugese Camino

Walked the Portuguese Camino with my 85 year old Father and two younger sisters, Dorothy in the middle and Karen on the right. Dorothy has a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford and Karen is a civil engineer with the … Continue reading

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Several New Designs

Here are several new designs: dragonfly, new seal, walrus on the top row, a swan turning into a salmon, muskox, and pendants on the second row, and on the fourth row a single owl, and an bald eagle. It’s been … Continue reading

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Latest Kiln Load

Getting ready for the Anchorage Museum Thanksgiving Crafts Fare. The loon is a four-by-four square inch tile and the necklace pendants are maybe 1-1/4″ squarish pieces. The glyph stamps are fishes, fox, stars, eagle, letters, seal, owl, and the crazy … Continue reading

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Dragonflies and Rose

Dragonflies and rose handmade art tile on glacial clay. Six-inch square, $75, powder blue background. Continue reading

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Seven Multiglazed Tiles

Six-inch square art tiles, multiglazed, $75 each, Cook Inlet glacial clay The new scanner is up and running. Thought I’d try posting a few images at one time and in a larger image size since internet access is getting faster. … Continue reading

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Turquoise Crystaline Glaze Plant Impressions

Array of four-inch plant impressions, $30 each. The phote is from an iphone since my scanner is kaput. It’s hard to take a decent photo of a glossy surface. Three of the tiles have a ginkgo leaf. Anchorage has one … Continue reading

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